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Managing Director / IT Expert
Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director / IT Expert – Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Board Member / Past Chairman – Nepal Research and Education Network
Vice Chairman – Center for ICT for Development
Board Member – Center for Integrated Urban Development
Board Director – Prime College
Technical Advisor – Nepal Telemedicine Society
Member of IoT Working Group – Asia Pacific Advance Network
Governor – Trans-Eurasian Information Network (TEIN)
Focal Person for Nepal – World Bank initiated Global Development Learning Network

Mr. Shrestha has Master in Statistics, MS in Computer Science and PhD in Informatics from Vienna University
of Technology in 2001. His dissertation was “Integrated Environmental Information System for Municipal

He has more than 25 years of experience in providing IT and GIS enable solutions in various sectors of
development management - urban management, disaster management, water and sanitation, public health,
monitoring climate change, strengthening research and education network, access to health through telemedicine,
etc. Mr. Shrestha has experienced of working with data for designing city information system for various purposes
including smart city initiative with SDG for more than 125 cities from more than 10 countries in South Asia, Asia
Pacific and Africa.

Some of the key projects Mr. Shrestha has been currently leading in designing, developing and implementation
of the Information System are – (i) Integrated Municipal Information System (IMIS) for Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation (BMGF) funded project currently on implementation in cities in Bangladesh, Nepal & India, (ii)
Leading IMIS team in establishing center of Excellence for IMIS in Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), (iii)
Member of Technical Advisory Group for BMGF’s initiative City Wide Inclusive Sanitation in Bangladesh, (iv)
Electronic Building Permit System (e-BPS) to automate building construction process comply with National
Building Code and Building Bye-laws for UNDP, currently on implementation in more than 25 cities in Nepal
(v) GIS-based Telecommunication Infrastructure Management Information System for Nepal Telecom Authority
(NTA), (vi) GIS-based Municipal Information System for urban service delivery and revenue enhancement ADB,
(vii) GIS-based Industrial Information System for Department of Environment to monitor the polluting industries,
(viii) Covid-19 Surveillance System for public use, (ix) Smart tool for rapid vulnerable assessment of the buildings
with seismic and other risks for UNDP, (x) High bandwidth research network for connecting Nepal’s Research
and Education Institute to Global Research and Education Network.

Mr. Shrestha has also served as an Advisor to Mayor and Member of City Planning Commission of Kathmandu
Metropolitan City (1998-2002) to support in establishing GIS-based Urban Management Information System and
strengthen city’s communication and media system.

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