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Chandan SinghMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

Simplify the complex and time-consuming process of business registration and compliance in federal and local level.

Target Audience

• Entrepreneurs and startups in Nepal • Small and medium-sized businesses • Professionals/Individuals seeking PAN registration and compliance assistance

Narayan ChhettriMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

One Tag Solution: KAHA revolutionizes navigation and location tracking by providing a unique one-tag address system and comprehensive features to enhance communication and convenience for individuals and organizations.

Target Audience

Our target audience include all the people who use smartphone (73% in Nepal) and also have internet connectivity. 1. Local Customers 2. Organizations 3. Emergency Services 4. Tourists 5. Businesses

Mero Bolee
Gaurav Agrawal Municipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

We are a e-bidding platform to help digitize & optimize organizational procurement.

Target Audience

Government organization, Corporate and businesses

Metacept Incorporation Pvt Ltd
Mahesh MaharjanMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

Home bill management system which automates electricity, rent and other utility bills

Target Audience

Rental house holds, commercial buildings, Apartments

Omniuse Nepal
Prajwol DhunganaMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

Digital Application Form Management System

Target Audience

All who need to fill the application forms.

Social JI AI
Laxman KafleMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

Socialji Proactive City Management (SPCM)

Target Audience

all nepal

Pradip BhusalMunicipal Administration and Efficiency
Idea Description

It involves vehicle import process from customs to all the related companies and also does the government work as per the law like submitting the necessary documents, paying and keeping record of taxes, obtaining clearance from customs, and registering the vehicle with the relevant local transportation authority digitally.

Target Audience

Vehicle Importing Companies, Vehicle Using Individual and Government.

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