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  1. Participant/s can apply as an individual and a maximum of four people in a team. Participant/s can be from an established company working on an in-house product, a start-up company, a group of students from an educational institute, a team of freelancers, an informal group of friends, etc. 
  2. The idea, concept, or product that is submitted can be at any stage. They could be in the idea conception phase, planning phase, development phase or implementation phase provided the product is in operation for not more than 3 years.
  3. The idea, concept, or product that is submitted must have the features of novelty, innovation, and creativity. We are not just looking for a local version of existing ones.
  4. The submitted idea must have a vital component of technology. We are not looking for ideas that are very promising but do have an emphasis on using technology solutions; either low or high fidelity described above.
  5. Participant/s have to take total responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property or other legal issues related to their submissions and KMC shall not be held liable for any issues arising thereof.
  6. The program is open to participant/s who are Nepalese citizens.

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