Kathmandu Metro Idea and Innovation 2080

An initiative of Kathmandu Metropolitan that facilitates the space between creators, experienced professionals, and investors by finding workable common ground. Criteria for Participation 

What is this about?

Creating a platform for functional engagement of problem solvers and change makers willing to add value to the municipality and in general the society of Nepal.

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Idea Submission Categories

Submit your ideas based on following categories:

Community and Environment

The solutions should serve the communities of Nepal to function and live better in a clean and green environment.

Urban Infrastructure

The solutions should provide innovative ways to build, maintain and use public infrastructures for the general public.

Municipal Community Services

The solutions should strengthen the community services provided by any local government to the general public in the most efficient way possible.

Municipal Administration and Efficiency

The solutions should make any of the municipal administrative work efficient.

Socioeconomic Field

The solutions should serve communities through the eyes of inclusivity, both in socio-empowerment and gender-diverse perspectives.

Why participate?


  • Crowdsourcing creative solutions
  • Extensive intimate Mentorship
  • Competitive advantage to pitch in front of potential Investors
  • Promote ideas through a wide-reaching platform
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Address Unemployment
  • Chance to be in Idea Bank

Overall Process


The Government of Nepal

Kathmandu Metropolitan City
City Planning Commission


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